Hello and Happy New Year. I do hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year! Mine was very busy but great to see some of our family. Have you seen the special for January? Well there was a rather wet day so I spent it in the Studio creating my letter! It is not a note kind of letter but an alphabet letter. They are only available for January and while stocks last!

I choose the letter "C" and I had lots of fun with it! First step is to workout which letters I need to punch out. So as I looked at the one pictured in the instructions I marked off the appropriate flowers.

Now the fun is beginning as I punched the flowers out and put them together with liquid glass. When they had dried I then shaped them with my fingers and with the quilling tool.

Next I attached the white and bronze sheet to the cardboard. Placed the flowers where I thought they would go and stuck them down with liquid glass. It was so easy to put it all together following the picture in the instructions! I…

Card created with products from Seasonal Expressions 2017

Hello All,

September is here but I think someone forgot to tell the weather that it is supposed to be spring! This month our Blog Hop is all about cards that we have made from the new Seasonal Expression Ideas book. If you have come here from Kerry's Blog, then you are on the right Blog Hop.

This is our New Seasonal Expressions which is jammed packed with lots of lovely ideas and products! It was rather hard to choose what I was going to use to create a card! But I do love the new Operation Smile stamp set Punny Pals. There are so many cute little creatures in this stamp set and US$7 is donated to Operation Smile with every set sold. 

Stamp organised, now to the card and colours. I am liking this 3 box card with title. I really love the Pansy colour, so here is my play with the products. It is great to have a little play before you stick it all down!
I am really loving the new colour Nutmeg. What a great time to use it to stamp my little creatures. So I stamped away! Nothing strai…
August Blog Hop: Annual Inspirations Project
Welcome to August Blog Hop, where we have all chosen projects for our new Annual Inspirations book to replicate for you to see! If you have arrived here from Kerry's page then you are on the right track!
Wow have you had a chance to see our new Annual Inspirations Book? Ohh so many lovely items, it was hard to choose which project to do! I do gravitate towards the Enchantment colours. So I decided to try the Enchantment Fundamental layout on page 43. 
The projects in the Annual Inspirations are a great idea to bounce off from. You can put your own spin on them and take it where your photos go! So to keep it simple I cut the peacock dots at 6" and the peacock arrows at 3". Ruby and Fern I cut at 3/8". This means I have enough to do the second page at a later time! I used EZ Dots (soon to be gone, if you love them then stock up on them) for larger pieces of card stock, and Bonding Memories for the thin pieces. 

Next it was time…

July Stamp Of The Month

Welcome to our Blog Hop for July, with this months Stamp Of The Month as the theme. If you have come here from Kerry's Page then you are on the right Blog Hop.
Here is the Stamp of the Month for July:
Storybook Alphabet

It is an amazing little alphabet, that can be used in many different ways.  Last month I showed it in my heading, using it for the first letters of the words! This time I have used it in my title, but have used it for all of the letters of the title. As I am notorious at stamping with out checking what ink is still on my block, I used a 1" square block for each of the letters, except for the letter "R" as it needed a 2" square block! 

This really added a quick reference to my pages.  I did the apostrophe by hand and just added dots to it to make it match the rest of the letters. 

Did you know that you can only purchase the Stamp Of The Month in the month that it is available for?  So this Storybook Alphabet is only available for the month of July!

I di…

June Blog Hop Colour theme: Sapphire, Glacier & Whisper


Welcome to the winter with June Blog Hop.  If you have come here from Kerry's great blog page, then you are on our fabulous Blog Hop for this month. Our theme is to use the colours Sapphire, Glacier and Whisper and create!!

I started with 2 blank pages and began to play. First I found a great background pattern that could be cut out on my circuit machine. Oh what fun, with the simple push of a few buttons.

 Background patter is in Glacier and the strip of dots with Sapphire. I used our Bonding Memories Pen to stick it down. This is the left side of the double page spread. 

On the right side I decided to do something different but connected to the left side. Used a smaller version of the background arrow and the strip of dots vertical rather than horizontal!  

Now for one of the fun parts adding the photos. I used the Whisper card stock to mount them on.

To help the photos stand out I used the sanding kit to bring a white edge to each of the photos! Photos are dated and waiting…
April Blog Hop: Inspired by Pinterest
If you have arrived here from Kerry's Blog then you are on the right track for our wonderful little Blog Hop. This way you can "hop" from one blog to another, with a few clicks to gain an abundance of ideas!
Have you been to Pinterest? It has many different ideas on all sorts of topics. This time I typed in double page, scrapbook layout, templates. When the search was completed, I randomly scrolled down to find this sketch. 
I really love this sketch, as I think it would be a great way to use up some of my old paper with some of my current paper!  Although this sketch has a christmas theme, I am going to use is for something completely different! This sketch was created by Sussan Stringfellow. 

When I first saw the sketch I was thinking it would be great to use lots of different shades of blue. But then I went to find some photos and changed my mind. Blue, green, purple and neutral seemed to work the best. As I don't have the measure…

Cut Above™ Layout Kit by Close To My Heart